Хлоя тинг тренировки на ягодицы


Главная цель этого видео — образование и разбор всех моментов, которые могут причинить ущерб вашему здоровью. Помните — все мы разные, как и возможности наших организмов.


Подписывайтесь на новый Telegram канал https://t.me/bodytalksru там будет информация по тренировкам онлайн, голосования за тему видео, и другие полезности для вас!

Друзья, столько запросов, сколько вы прислали на австралийского блогера Chloe Ting, не было ни на одного другого автора. Понимаю, насколько для вас эти разборы актуальны, ведь многие из вас пробовали или занимаются по ее тренировкам.

Я был приятно удивлен — тренировка, на мой взгляд, вполне рабочая.

Что хорошо: демонстрируется варианты работы с амортизатором и без
Идет проработка не только одной функции ягодиц, включались различные мышцы

Что я бы улучшил:
В случае Хлои, качество техники увеличивается существенно, когда она работает с амортизатор. Без амортизатора движение менее подконтрольное.

Смело заявляю: это тренировка на ягодицы вполне подходит для включения в ваш спортивный рацион, но рекомендую прислушаться к моим комментариям, чтобы обезопасить себя от боли в пояснице. Обязательно, работая на ягодицы, держите центр сильным, а таз подкрученным.

Видео Chloe Ting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNQzp888X0s

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Хлоя тинг тренировки на ягодицы

Commit to working those glutes with this 5-week booty challenge! This resistance challenge also works your abs, but the primary focus is strengthening your lower body. No equipment is required but resistance bands are recommended. . Read More

2019 5 Weeks Booty Challenge


What is the goal of this program?

The main goal of this 5-week program is to help you grow your glute muscles. The focus is NOT on fat loss. Your starting point on this program is going to different to other people — beginners may feel that body weight only feels challenging, while others will start with a resistance band/dumbbell.

Will I really grow my butt?

There are no guarantees. This program is designed to build your glute muscles (grow your butt), but your results will be dependent on many factors, including your starting point, your genetics and a variety of other lifestyle factors. There’s also a limit to how much muscle you can build at home, without proper equipment. For the biggest gains, make sure you eat enough to to meet your energy and protein needs, and increase the intensity as you get stronger.

I feel like it is getting easier, what are some ways I can add intensity?

If it feels like it is getting easier, it is important to increase the intensity in one way or another in order to continue seeing results. The easiest way of increasing intensity is tension (e.g. using a tougher resistance band or using heavier dumbbells). Remember to make sure you’re using good technique, understand the full range of motion and find what works best for you to get good mind muscle connection.

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I don’t feel the burn when I do some exercises, what should I do?

Glute activation is important in order for you to really feel and work the muscles to their best. I suggest you experiment and find what works best for you as it can differ from person to person. For exercises such as glute bridges, I recommend to point your feet outwards a little bit. This has helped me better activate my glutes. Another point is to make sure you are going through the full range of motion and squeeze each rep at the top.

Do I need to be in surplus to grow my booty? What should I eat?

Whilst it is not strictly necessary, it is generally recommended to be in a slight «caloric surplus» to build muscle — meaning, you should be eating slightly more than your body needs. This makes sure that your body has enough energy and protein to build muscles. You should be aiming to maintain your weight, or put on a small amount of weight, while building muscle. How you do that is up to you — you might like to add a little bit more to each of your meals or add in some snacks throughout the day. The general FAQ has more information — but, as usual, you should be aiming to eat a balanced diet incorporating plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole foods. The occasional chocolate is okay too. It’s important that you have enough protein while you’re building muscles. There is a lot of debate as to how much is «enough». If you eat meat (including fish) every day, or you’re a vegetarian and consume plenty of eggs and dairy, you’re probably getting enough protein. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, make sure you’re eating plenty of beans, legumes, tofu, lentils and whole grains. Some recommendations for protein will indicate 1g/lb (2.2g/kg) of body weight, but these are generally targeted at body builders. 0.5-0.7g/lb (1-1.5g/kg) of body weight should be plenty for most people to see good results.

How do I gain a booty and loose fat at the same time?

Many people prefer to choose one or the other, as doing both at the same time can be tricky. If you incorporate the right amounts of resistance training and cardio, and fuel yourself correctly, it is possible to build a booty and lose fat at the same time.

Why is there no cardio in this program?

The goal of this program is to grow your glutes. Although your food intake is the most important factor here, high intensity cardio may burn too much energy, and slow your muscle gains. This doesn’t mean your cardiovascular health is not important — walking is a great way of including cardio into your daily routine without raising the intensity greatly.

It’s too hard! Any tips?

It’s meant to be hard! If it wasn’t hard, you wouldn’t get results. Don’t feel pressured in performing at 100% at the start. Go at your own pace, it’s totally fine and expected. The key is to keep track of your progress, slow down and focus on your breathing and form and aim to do better each day. Soon you’ll realise you’re much stronger and you’ll soon progress and be able to follow along all the way.

Хлоя тинг тренировки на ягодицы

This 4-week resistance challenge will help you grow a booty with progressive overload! Dumbbells & resistance bands are recommended, a bench can be useful too. Beginners can try this with bodyweight or temporary alternatives like filled water bottles . Read More

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2022 Grow A Booty Challenge


What equipment do I need?

You will need a set of dumbbells (or a few sets for progression), a set of resistance bands (with various levels of resistance for progression), and a bench (or a couch/stool/something sturdy). If you don’t have equipment, you can still try the workout with body weight to get familiar with the movements while you get your equipment.

Can I do this workout with just body weight?

Yes you can. It is recommended for beginners, or anyone that’s new to training their lower body and glutes, to start with body weight. It is important to get the foundation right before loading on weights to avoid risk of injury. It is also important to learn to activate the right muscles and doing it in a full range of motion before adding weights.

What is the right weight to use?

The weight should be challenging enough so that you need to WORK and struggle for the last few reps, while still maintaining good form. Everyone will be different — use a weight that suits you, do not follow someone else’s weights.

What are some ways we can increase intensity without increasing weight?

Increasing sets, increasing reps, decreasing rest time in between sets, increasing training frequency are all ways to increase intensity without increasing weights. But if you have the option to increase weights, then increase weights!

Can I do this program with another weight loss program?

No. It is recommended to do one program at a time. Combining two can be counterproductive and may cause unnecessary stress (or even injury) to your body.

I can’t activate my glutes during the main workout. What exercises can I do to help with that?

Some people may find it difficult to activate their glutes. Try using 3-5 of these exercises as part of your glute activation warm up, but do not overdo it as you don’t want to fatigue your muscles before the main workout. (1) Standing Glute Squeeze: Squeeze and hold for 3 seconds then repeat 10 times. Rest for 3-5 seconds in between sets. (2) Side Lying Clams: Do 1 or 2 sets of 10-20 reps. Use light resistance band if preferred. (3) Banded Glute Bridges: Do 1 or 2 sets of 10-15 reps. You can use a light resistance band and also add an abduction while your hips are raised. (4) Frog Pumps: Do 1 or 2 sets of 10-15 reps. (5) Reverse Lunges: Do 1 set of 10 reps on each leg. (6) Lateral Bank Walks: Do 1 set of 10-20 reps on each side. (7) Squats: Do 1 set of 10 reps. You can also use a light resistance band for extra glute activation. (8) Donkey Kicks: Do 1 or 2 sets of 10-20 reps. Use a light resistance band if preferred.

In order to grow my glutes, is it necessary to be in a caloric surplus?

It will be beneficial. Eating at a caloric surplus while following this program may result in the following: (1) An increase in scale weight, (2) Larger increase in glutes, (3) A slight decrease/no difference/increase in fat, (4) Increase in body volume, and (5) Increased strength. Eating at a caloric maintenance while following this program may result in the following: (1) No change in scale weight, (2) Increased shape in key areas such as glutes, (3) Decreased fat, (4) Decrease in body volume (since muscle takes up 20% less space than fat at equal masses), and (5) Increased strength

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Why are we taking 90-120 seconds rest in between exercises?

The recommended rest time between sets is about 90 seconds. It is important to rest your muscles before doing the next set as you want to make sure to do it in good form and to avoid injury. Resting for only only 60 seconds is okay too as long as you are NOT compromising your form. While resting, your body recovers adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC), which are the primary sources of fuel your body uses for short, but intense, bouts of muscle contraction (like when you are lifting weights). Resting for 60 seconds will allow approximately 85 to 90% recovery of ATP and PC, while resting a bit longer will replenish more. It takes about 3 mins to replenish approximately 100% of ATP and PC.

What is the purpose of doing repeated sets of the same exercise?

Repeating the same exercise helps to increase the total volume of tension, which can assist in muscle growth. There are a few factors when it comes to muscle growth: metabolic stress, mechanical tension or muscular damage. Doing multiple sets of the same exercise may help in promoting some of these factors.

Is feeling sore in the glutes a good indicator that they are growing?

It is a sign that you have caused muscular damage to your glutes. If you eat sufficient calories (i.e. in surplus) with a balanced diet, you will be able to rebuild the damaged muscle fibers, making them slightly stronger (and bigger over time) to handle more demanding workouts.

Why is my butt not sore?

Soreness is a decent indicator of muscle damage, but there is more to building strength and muscle mass. Muscle damage is only one of three primary mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy. Some soreness is good, but the law of diminishing returns applies. Excessive soreness prevents you from achieving quality workouts on subsequent days. If you perform full body training sessions several times per week, then soreness will prevent you from gaining strength. Building a stronger body over time should be the long-term goal, not crippling yourself so that you can barely move the following day.

Why is my butt not growing?

Consistency is important. Muscle adaptation begins immediately in response to resistance training, but it may take a while before you can actually see results — it is not going to happen overnight or you may not see significant difference within 30 days. Research shows that some people may see visible growth in muscles within 4-8 weeks of resistance training (the process begins in the early stages of training). It also depends on what results you’re expecting to see – if you’re expecting a big change, it is going to take longer to achieve.

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